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Why you should ditch other Mobile App and embrace over-the-top messaging apps

November 6, 2019

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Text Messaging is one common task that you perform almost every day. So, it becomes a mandatory choice to switch the best and most secure choice to safeguard your communications.

This simple to break the tradition of SMS or standard text messaging and switch to encrypted messaging. It’s actually the best option to protect your messages and maintain a secure connection.

Major Part of that is data privacy. Nowadays, with all the innovation and fancy features that comes handy with applications like Facebook messenger or Hangouts, it has become really easy to invade one’s privacy.

Shifting your communications onto an entirely new messaging service can be a big challenge, but trust me it is going to be worth the effort with Signal.

Here in this article, we will talk about why you should ditch other Mobile App and embrace over-the-top messaging apps!

Messages shared over internet through the servers of different applications whichever concern shots the service. All you need is an Internet connection to talk, whereas with traditional SMS service it is important that your device needs to be associated with a cellular network.

Though secure messaging application on a smart phone, your data remains secured and private, while protecting it from plenty of cyber-attackers, as being the core for all the data breaches in your communications giving them a chance to catch your private data in the network. Fortunately, options like Signal has brought an era of great innovation in this corrupted messaging space.

As stated above, encrypted messaging on your device is a massively superior system of communicating with your friends and family.

Even if many applications give the indications of data security, and the recipient reading the message, it usually invades user’s data. It’s great for you to understand there are secure options that actually work like Signal.

Signal doesn’t share your location with anyone, or doesn’t even store any data. Infact, the platforms tries and store the least metadata possible.

It’s a perfect feature, that doesn’t allow any cyber-attacker or even the government official to get access to user’s data.

Using an encrypted messaging application adds a good flow of security to the conversation. This is the merely strength and security of Signal’s shared message. And since it is available for different platforms, you simply don’t have to worry about data breaches.

Using a secure connection to message other recipients is particularly very helpful, especially if you are communicating or sharing any of your private data, including bank details, and more. Unless you switch to a secure option like Signal, as it is the best option at keeping the connections private and secure.

The best encrypted messaging app- Signal

Whichever service you are currently using depends upon a lot of several factors. Do you know, that some of the super popular options, like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat invading your data, it’s time to switch to secure options like Signal. If you are looking for a communicating option that is secure, free and easy to use, then Signal is the best way to get a hold of data privacy.

Here in the United States, Signal remains a powerhouse in data security, and the instant messaging feature makes it more convenient to follow up the trend of data security.

You must have noticed that there are abundant of options available, when it comes to messaging applications. The biggest fault is that—by keeping the user’s messages open to cyber-attacks makes it very difficult to maintain data security. SIGNAL users will always stick to the encrypted messaging solution, meaning protected communications in comparison to standard SMS/MMS for smartphone users.

The best feature that makes Signal more attractive, which could make the users tension-free is its end-to-end encryption. On the other hand Facebook’s efforts of Messenger is all going into vain as it has been proven that the platform shares user’s data with third-party advertisers.


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