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Why We Need a New Encrypted Messaging App To Begin Our New Year 2020?

January 24, 2020

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By the end of this post readers will know why they need a new encrypted messaging app in year 2020? Why they cannot rely on WhatsApp anymore? What is the alternative of WhatsApp? etc. Answers to all the before said questions are connected to user’s data privacy and security.

With the inception of several messaging services, connecting with friends and families becomes easy these days. Now with a click, we can connect to anyone across the globe.

When it comes to instant messaging, how we can forget WhatsApp. It is the most popular instant messaging application having more than 1.5 billion users. Undoubtedly, it is number one instant messaging app but the twist is it is not safe. It is vulnerable and vulnerability in messaging app means compromising user’s data, privacy and security.

Recently, several reports of data breach in the WhatsApp have been published online due to which its user base has started looking for its alternative. Its users’ trust is fading with every report of data breach. The worst part is now WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook which has bad image due to ‘Facebook – Cambridge Analytica Data Scam’.

If data privacy and security is also a concern for you then you must try Signal. It is a cross-platform encrypted messaging app developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. A few features of Signal App have been provided below

Signal is Private

The best part of using Signal is all your digital communications stay private and safe. Neither Government nor App developers can read messages sent / received over Signal App.

Signal App runs on best end-to-end encryption technology made ever. With Signal App, users can independently verify the identity of their contacts and the integrity of the data channel.

All the communications made over Signal App are auto-encrypted. Keys to decode messages transmitted along with messages and store only on recipient’s device not on App’s servers. In this way, messages sent over Signal App can be read only by concerned users not anyone else.

Signal users can also compare key fingerprints to authenticate user’s identity. Signal android users can make it default SMS / MMS app. In this way, they can send / receive non-encrypted messages along with encrypted one.

Signal is Open Source

The entire source code of Signal app is available on GitHub under a free software license. App’s servers are also open source.

Say anything with Signal

With Signal, users can share high-quality group, video, text, voice, document, and picture messages anywhere in the world without any fees.

Signal is Free

Signal app is free for everyone. The parent company of Signal App is a non-profit organization supported by grants and donations. App is ad-free with no affiliate marketers and no creepy tracking.

Other features

Signal app comes with several advance features such as message auto delete, cross-platform messaging, app lock, incognito mode for keyboard apps etc.

With message auto delete feature, users can set a time to auto-delete messages / chats. In this way, sensitive or confidential conversations do not store on recipient’s device.

Signal is a cross – platform messaging software enabling all the devices to send or receive messages from same or different devices. Signal app is made for all the clients / OS (iOS / Android / Windows).

Signal app also supports incognito / private mode for third party keyboard applications. When keyboard incognito mode is activated, Gboard do not collect input data typed in app.

Signal app can be locked by using app lock feature. To lock / unlock app, PIN, face ID can be used. This feature can be used after configuring app with device’s lock feature. Locking signal app can boost app’s security.

Final Words

Overall, Signal is fast, simple and secure. With Signal, user’s data and privacy cannot be compromised at any cost. Moreover, it comes with a number of security options that can be used to boost app’s security.

Therefore, don’t wait anymore and download Signal App now!


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