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Why We All Should be Using Encrypted Chat Applications?

November 30, 2018

Correct me if our privacy is not getting hindered by data breaches. You are constantly under the eyes of third-party intruders like hackers, Internet Service Providers, or government officials.  Users send a text to finalize business plans, share private information eagerly waiting for their reply. But, your conversations are being monitored over the Internet, witnessing unsafe communications.

A lot of incidents in the past illustrates this bitter truth of data privacy. Luckily, there are some of the best encrypted messaging applications offering end-to-end encryption confusing and unsearchable. We can stick to SMS, but it has some security loopholes. Rather than chugging along with different chat apps, piling up and using all the memory, it’s time to pick the best-encrypted chat app to communicate with your friends and business officials on board. That way, every user can enjoy secure and protected data sharing without any hesitation.

Here Comes The Interesting Part.

There is one encrypted messaging application: Signal, is the most private and we all should be used for secure communications. The best thing about it is that it’s free and offers strong encryption, compatible with every mobile platform, and Open Whisper systems are committed to keeping it fast and simple by not mucking up with annoying with ads, or web-tracking.

The biggest reason why we all should be using encrypted chat application is that every data communicated through it remains private and no third-person can have access to it.

As long as both the sender and the recipient are using an encrypted chat app to share messages.

Plenty of messaging applications offer different features. But the best thing about Signal, making it superior from others is its ease of assurance of making every communication private, keeping it only between the proposed user and the recipient, while restricting it from any third-party user.

Encrypted chat apps work very similarly to the conventional SMS messaging apps, so it becomes quite easy to get started. Also, it becomes quite convenient signal cuts down any SMS fees. It supports an end to end encrypted audio and video calls, along with encrypted and secured messaging.  Sure, you can share messages, audio/video calls, pictures, videos, and files.

The encrypted messaging application of Signal is compatible for almost every platform be it iOS, Android, or desktop.

Every message sent via Signal is end-to-end encrypted. The application is free and open source opens an opportunity for code experts to verify the code and ensure its layers of security.

While we are talking about data privacy, how can we miss about the incidents like Cambridge Analytica or mass surveillance by the government officials? Talking of which, conventional messaging applications are not worth sharing messages, as these platforms are not the safest place to communicate through conversations.

So, with encrypted messaging applications, secured data and communications is no more a dream, as every message share are end-to-end encrypted. The signal is there to keep our data private, putting an end to all unauthorized access and data breaches.

By allowing users to share completely private conversations, encrypted messaging applications have changed the entire equation. Why is it important? Witnessing various data privacy events, we have experienced a lot of situations, where our privacy has been put into a dilemma. Keeping all this in mind, using platform offering end-to-end encryption, the encrypted messaging application is an incredible way to fight it.


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