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Why Messaging is a trend and how to protect your private?

February 3, 2020

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The days of traditional messaging are gone. Nowadays, everyone is using instant messaging apps. With the inception of these apps, messaging becomes easy, simple and fun. With just a click, a user can send message instantly to anyone across the planet.

From previous few years, instant messaging is trending and day by day several thousands of users are attracting towards instant messaging apps without knowing Apps’ deep and dark secrets. There are several deep and dark secrets but selling or using users’ personal information is a very common one practice by most of the instant messaging companies.

These days, for messaging app owners, users’ data privacy and security becomes a joke. They frequently use users’ private information for their own profit. The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal is the recent example of this. Nearly 87 million Facebook users were affected by the FB – Cambridge data scandal.

So, if you don’t want to be a victim of data breach then you must have to use such an app which is secure, free, easy to use and loaded with advanced security features. Before installing any instant messaging app, a user must look for the following features

End to end encryption

Want secure messaging? Use such app that offers end to end encrypted messaging service. Only a few of messaging apps run on end to end encryption protocol and among them WhatsApp and Signal are the most popular one.

As we all know that how the world’s richest man’s (Jeff Bezos) iPhone was hacked via a video file sent over WhatsApp, how he became a victim of data breach by using WhatsApp (so called encrypted messaging app).

With Jeff Bezos’ iPhone hacking case via WhatsApp, it is clear now that WhatsApp is no more secured though it uses end to end encryption protocol.

Alternative to WhatsApp is Signal. It also runs on end to end encryption protocol. Signal messages and voice calls are secured and encrypted at both ends (sender and receiver). Signal communications remain private in case Government Agency or any hacker tries to intercept Signal messages because app servers do not store message-decryption keys. Not only this, Signal messages are non-accessible to App’s owner and developers.

Free to use

From the moment when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, it was cleared that WhatsApp will not remain free in near future. The current owner of WhatsApp, Zuckerberg reportedly had planned to sell ads on WhatsApp status feature.

If you want instant messaging free for lifetime then you can consider Signal App. It is free to use forever. The owner of the app is a non-profit organization solely depends on grants and donations. Signal app is ad free also does not deal with affiliate marketers.

Control on message

With WhatsApp, users can delete message only if recipient has not open / read the message. Once message is read or open by user, it cannot be deleted. WhatsApp comes with very limited functionalities when it comes to control over sent messages.

While instant messaging, control on messages is necessary. Message auto-delete option in Signal App is a revolutionary feature. It allows users to set time after which messages will disappear automatically. In this way, sensitive conversation does not reside in the recipient’s device. Moreover, users can set different message disappearing for each conversation. In this way, Signal user has complete control over sent messages.

Advance security features

WhatsApp lacking several advance security features such as app lock, incognito mode etc. whereas Signal App comes with many advance security features as shown below

  • App lock is the most advance security feature in Signal App. With this feature, a Signal App user can lock app using PIN or touch ID.
  • By enabling incognito mode in Signal App, users can stop 3rd party keyboard apps from tracking their private chat / message / conversation
  • Users can also block app from showing in recent app list

If you want to protect your personal information from attackers then download and install Signal App now. It is free, fast and secured.

So, don’t wait anymore. download Signal App now!


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