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Why Indians are making a beeline to join Signal

February 2, 2021

WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging app for a big chunk of the world. And that is with good reason: it’s a lightweight app connected with Facebook that works amazingly well with all smartphones, old and new. Plus, you really have no way to go: with over 5 billion installs on Google Play, and a lot more on other platforms such as iOS, it’s safe to say that at least a good chunk of the world’s entire population is on WhatsApp. You can’t realistically compete against a communication app with this much momentum. Except, something made that tide turn a bit: WhatsApp tried to introduce more invasive privacy policies (then delayed them after backlash), and users started flocking to other, competitor apps.

Are you part of this crowd? So what are these alternatives, you might ask? Today, we’re gonna look at Signal, which has become the most popular app after the WhatsApp controversy.

Signal: Unbeatable on privacy and security

If security and encryption are all you’re after, then Signal is as good as it’ll get when it comes to both of those things. It is fully open-source both in the server-side of things as well as the client itself, which in user terms means that everything the app does, picks up, and does with your information is fully transparent. And the app is fully ad-free and developed, maintained, and funded by the Signal Foundation, which is completely non-profit, unlike WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, Inc—people who care quite a bit about profits.

It doesn’t store any of your data, and also comes with a flurry of privacy-focused features as well as, of course, end to end encryption for all of your messages and conversations, so nothing that goes through the app’s server can be seen or intercepted by anyone—it’s encrypted on the server end and decrypted on the recipient end. It’s definitely not the end-all of secure messaging, something that has been proved by the occasional bug. But if you care about your privacy a lot, as we said before, then Signal will do you good.

It’s also a fairly friendly messaging app as the app is pretty basic so far. The UI comes across as kind of iOS-ish on Android but Signal’s development team is working day and night to launch a wide array of features in encrypted and secure manner that come with other messaging apps, such as stories. And the other rough point is that, well, it doesn’t have remotely the same user base as WhatsApp at the moment but it has grown greatly in the past few weeks, at least 50 million installs recently.

So, if data privacy, encryption and security matters to you – UNINSTALL WhatsApp now and INSTALL Signal App right now. It is secure, fast, free and easy to use. Most importantly, it is not run by such companies who sell users’ data (like Facebook) for their own profit.


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