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Why data privacy will be a bigger trend in 2020?

November 20, 2019

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While different application users across the nation are trying to deal with data breaches and attacks that have been recently brought to the limelight, the concern seems to be more troubling than ever before. With a lot of incidents in hands, it has been confirmed that our personal chats, private data,  are being viewed by those prying eyes– from the point of view of public safety to control what content is being shared. But the thing that makes it more crucial is the accessibility of our private communications being intentionally used for viable reasons.

In the current IT space, we have witnessed some of the biggest events in data security, shaping to be more prominent and popular in 2019. The year is clearly a breakthrough for encrypted email, messages and other communication services. More and more advancements will take place in the genre of data privacy, where people will be much more aware and active for their concern of data privacy.

While data attacks, and IoT (internet of things) security remained to be of central importance in cyber security, 2018 saw a gigantic prominence on data privacy- Well! All thanks to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into action on May 25, 2018.

Expect data privacy to remain of utmost priority in the year 2019, as per cyber security professionals, as further protocols have been passed in different states and other nations, and longstanding cyber security issues have appeared to be reshaped by those prying eyes.

Data Privacy will continue lingering on its evolution of cyber security. Security breaches and privacy-related incidents aren’t going away just because of GDPR and other laws, so expect a standard of constant privacy to become the new normal and for compliance to be a continuous exercise that requires the same focus, vigilance, and taxes.

If companies want to move ahead of the hackers, third-party users, government officials, the only option is to integrate data privacy compliance into the business procedures, especially when consumers are more aware about data privacy and security.

“In 2020, consumers will be more aware about better understanding of the mechanisms and the rights, such as GDPR that has been made for managing and protecting user’s data.  With that said, consumers are becoming more active and engaging in controlling their data privacy concern, like sharing lesser information, unsubscribing digital communications, and adapting measures to restrict companies from sharing their private data from marketers.

In 2020, we will witness a rise in data malwares, and how big of an impact it can cause all together on user’s data.

As data attacks becomes a service to government’s mass surveillance, it can lead to greater destructive attacks, allowing cyber attackers to grow beyond hacking and cyber criminals into terrorist groups.

Here Comes The most Interesting Part.

There is one encrypted messaging application: Signal, is the most private and we all should be used for secure communications. The best thing about it is that it’s free and offers strong encryption, compatible with every mobile platform, and Open Whisper systems are committed to keeping it fast and simple by not mucking up with annoying with ads, or web-tracking.

The biggest reason why we all should be using encrypted chat application is that every data communicated through it remains private and no third-person can have access to it.

Signal lets you keep all your private chats and communications secured and encrypted so that it stays only you and the intended recipient. Nobody else can have access to these communications, as both the users have a unique key which only with that special key, the message can be accessed.

As long as both the sender and the recipient are using an encrypted chat app to share messages.

Plenty of messaging applications offer different features. But the best thing about Signal, making it superior from others is its ease of assurance of making every communication private, keeping it only between the proposed user and the recipient, while restricting it from any third-party user.

Encrypted chat apps work very similarly to the conventional SMS messaging apps, so it becomes quite easy to get started. Also, it becomes quite convenient signal cuts down any SMS fees. It supports an end to end encrypted audio and video calls, along with encrypted and secured messaging.  Sure, you can share messages, audio/video calls, pictures, videos, and files.

The encrypted messaging application of Signal is compatible for almost every platform be it iOS, Android, or desktop.

Every message sent via Signal is end-to-end encrypted. The application is free and open source opens an opportunity for code experts to verify the code and ensure its layers of security.

While we are talking about data privacy, how can we miss about the incidents like Cambridge Analytica or mass surveillance by the government officials? Talking of which, conventional messaging applications are not worth sharing messages, as these platforms are not the safest place to communicate through conversations.

So, with encrypted messaging applications, secured data and communications is no more a dream, as every message share are end-to-end encrypted. The signal is there to keep our data private, putting an end to all unauthorized access and data breaches.

The signal is the safest, and secure end-to-end encrypted messaging application to introduce data privacy as its first priority. Since then, a lot of options have been introduced, but all have failed to match up with the features of Signal.


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