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WhatsApp may surpass Facebook: Facebook ditched plans of selling ads on WhatsApp

January 23, 2020

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Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the biggest tech giants across the globe. It is because the company leaves no opportunity in monetizing its services. Be it user’s data or ads, the company sells everything (Pun intended). 

Last year, the Company had announced that it will monetize ‘WhatsApp’ which was acquired by Zuckerberg in 2014 after paying huge $19 billion. But now Zuck reportedly will not go through with plans to sell ads on WhatsApp. This decision has been taken after a year from when its founders resigned from the company in protest of selling ads on WhatsApp. 

Famous Brian Acton’s ‘Delete Facebook’ campaign threatens Mark Zuckerberg badly due to which Mark has decided to not to sell ads on WhatsApp. As per the report published by Jeff Horwitz and Kirsten Grind on the Wall Street Journal, the company has instructed the team to abandon work of finding the best ways to integrate WhatsApp with ads. Not only this, the team’s work also has been removed from WhatsApp’s code. However, there is no official statement from Facebook. 

In 2018, WhatsApp’s parent company ‘Facebook’ had announced that it was going to integrate ads into messaging app’s Status feature so that company can serve its primary objective i.e. monetization. WhatsApp’s 2 billion user base (about to happen) seems the golden hen to the company thus decided to put Ads on WhatsApp without thinking about the consequences. But this announcement brings a great loss to the company as WhatsApp’s co founders left the company in the protest of selling ads on WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp’s co founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton are strongly against advertisements on social networking platforms as per a post on app’s blog, founders said ads are like insults to one’s intelligence, so they wanted to create something which is ad free. In addition to this, they said they will “make something that wasn’t just another ad clearinghouse.” This is the main reason due to which both cofounders have left the company in protest. 

Brian Acton left the company in Sept 2017. Later in an interview with Forbes, Brian disclosed that he had issues with Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s COO) over monetizing the WhatsApp therefore he left the company in protest. 

Brian Acton suggested Sandberg that monetize WhatsApp via a metered-user model. To justify his proposed plan Brian Acton says to Forbes

“You build it once, it runs everywhere in every country,”

“You don’t need a sophisticated sales force. It’s a very simple business.”

However he told Forbes that his plan was rejected by Sandberg. “Her words were ‘It won’t scale.’ ” 

Not only this, Brian also gave up his stock worth of $850 million and chooses to be a vocal critic of Facebook. On being stock grants vested, Acton Says to Forbes

“It was like, okay, well, you want to do these things I don’t want to do,” 

“It’s better if I get out of your way. And I did.” 

When Facebook data leak (aka Cambridge Analytica) scandal came into light, Brian Acton sent a Tweet in March 2018 – “It is time. #deletefacebook.” – without any explanation followed. His tweet quickly went viral and shocked his former boss as well.

 On the other hand, WhatsApp’s co founder Jan Koum left the company in 2018, a few months earlier from the announcement of selling ads on WhatsApp. 

Therefore, Mark has killed its advertising plans for now but it is still not clear that WhatsApp will remain ad-free in coming future or not. As per report published in WSJ, advertising plans are ‘now on ice’ but they might be reconsidered at some point. According to reports, these days, WhatsApp is busy in creating advanced features for Businesses so that people in developing countries can use WhatsApp for their businesses. 

WhatsApp’s increasing popularity and humungous user base bothers Facebook or particularly ‘Zuckerberg’. According to several reports WhatsApp which was co-developed by Brian Acton is much better than Facebook. However, Facebook denies these reports and pretends everything is normal. 

Brian Acton did graduation from Stanford in Computer Science then worked with Yahoo in 1996. He left Yahoo in 2007 then appeared for interview at Facebook. But he wasn’t selected so he joined Jan Koum and become co founder of WhatsApp, world’s most popular encrypted messaging app.

In April 2012, Zuckerberg emailed to Jan for the first time then they had a first meeting over lunch. In February 2014, Facebook had announced that it is acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion. In Sept 2017 after working for 3 years for Facebook, Brian Acton left the company due to issues with the company’s CEO and COO.

After de-associating with Zuckerberg in 2017, Acton has started the Signal Foundation along with Moxie Marlinspike in 2018. He has also invested $50 million in the foundation. 

The Signal Foundation is a non-profit organization with an aim to make such open source privacy technology that can protect and promote free expression right throughout the world by offering a secured global communication network. 

Signal App, a product of Signal foundation, runs on end to end encryption mechanism. It is free, fast and most importantly secure & ads free. 

Signal App is co-developed by Brian Acton, an expert in building encrypted instant messaging platforms. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone users. 

It is projected that in near future Signal App will surpass both WhatsApp’s user base as well as popularity because it runs on the best encryption technology developed ever. Reports say, it is the best and most sophisticated instant messaging application developed ever.   

Signal App comes with several great security and data privacy features, end to end encryption is one of them. Messages sent over Signal app are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else other than recipient. 

The best part is that even App makers cannot read messages transmitted over Signal App as App’s servers do not store decryption keys. Keys to decode messages are sent along with messages and work only when messages reached to recipient’s device. 

The best part is that users’ data shared with Signal App cannot be shared with any other 3rd party advertiser / application as App’s parent company i.e. Open Whisper Systems is a non-profit organization and runs on donations and grants. The company is not involved in selling users’ data to boost its business like Facebook. Signal App developers are committed towards user’s data privacy and security. 

So, don’t wait anymore and download Signal App now!


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