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WhatsApp Hacked: What’s next?

May 25, 2019

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The Facebook subsidiary, WhatsApp, owning a total of 1.5 billion users, gets hacked and its attackers allegedly installed the spyware on a few user’s smartphones. Earlier, WhatsApp reportedly explained the “advanced cyber actor” behind the security dilemma that infected a large population smartphone users.

WhatsApp even assured to fix the vulnerability, enabling the attackers to augment code on users’ smartphones via WhatsApp. Unfortunately, few smartphones might have been infected.

“This attack on WhatsApp holds all the hallmarks of a private company reportedly that works with governments to deliver spyware that takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems,” as stated by a WhatsApp spokesperson.

Millions of WhatsApp users got impacted by the incident.

The story with popular socializing platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger publicizing end-to-end encryption as a means to avoid the government officials and hackers from snooping is more of a smokescreen at the moment. Private hackers and Government are working fanatically on different methods to deploy malwares within the operating system-and its privileges.

The bitter truth for the digital users in need of a secure messaging is more on the side of tech-savvy users, wanting their digital communications turn out to be completely safe. For instance, encryption of messages on a networking device before sharing them out to the intended recipient. But it all depends upon the selection of the platform guaranteeing complete security of the communications.

Even though WhatsApp took many measures to protect its user’s personal information, the unfortunate truth is that it was never truly safe. The device being connected to the internet gets theoretically vulnerable to being attacked, that means everything, yes everything, right from your bank account to the credit cards to social media can be breached, if user’s personal data fall into wrong hands.

It’s true that nothing can be termed as 100% secure. Since technology is not static, new technology is being emerged more quickly in order to remediate different data vulnerabilities.”

Here’s what we need to do protect ourselves from data breaches:

Even though WhatsApp claims that it has remedied this attack vulnerability, it is urged the users to switch to a different alternative which is more secure and breach-free. Talking of which, Signal is the most private and 100% end-to-end encrypted platform offering complete data security to its users.

Those who have witnessed the WhatsApp getting hacked often holds security recommendations for secured platforms like Signal to keep the private information safe online.

From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, there are various options for sharing messages to friends, colleagues and family. But which one is most private and secure? Well, the best messaging app for consumers to use right now is Signal- the end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice calling app.

Since Signal’s security protocol is open source, independent tech experts can verify and play with the code to find vulnerabilities that could potentially be a gateway allowing hackers to intrude messages and other communications.

Unlike other messaging applications, Signal do not allow any storing of messages or other files on its servers. This means that even if the servers gets hacked, no data can be accessed. And, this means that all the messages shared through Signal are completely safe from the intrusion of government officials.


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