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What is the best hide text app for iPhone?

November 15, 2019

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The messages we share often expose a huge amount of private data about us. Your smartphone in its configuration, not does a lot in keeping the conversations private.

If you are wanting to hide the sensitive messages on your device, you need to venture in the Settings menu, depending upon how much data privacy is being offered, where the best option is to download a data privacy-oriented messaging application.

So how can you protect your communications securely on the smartphone? Follow along this article, as we will discuss about the best text hiding application for iPhone.

What is the best hide text app for iPhone?

Not everyone with the aim of hiding text messages has a criminal mastermind or any unprincipled partner. Keeping everything a secret is definitely hard enough if you are not using the right platform to share your communications with your friends and relatives, but with the best text hiding applications nothing is impossible.

Revealing a text message that just popped in on your screen lets you to be become open to data attacks and breaches.

And what will happen if you leave your smartphone somewhere and anyone whom you don’t know—or  even do not get along or get a hold of it?

But, it’s the basic fundamentals of an encrypted messaging application like Signal, that you don’t need any other reason but data privacy to protect your data by hiding any delicate text message. If the platform makes you feel secure and better to keep the personal data hidden, the best thing is to continue reading the following post to find out the best ways that can help you in hiding your text message on your smart device.

Message privacy has become better

Talking of the recent version of the upgraded application of Signal, text message hiding privacy has turned out to be a lot better. Always remember to use to lock screen on your smart device, to give another level of security to your data.

Also, turn off the preview message feature that comes up on your  phone showing the actual content of the message.

Disabling the Message Preview feature on Lock Screen

Because Signal wants to make the communications, such that whatever pops up in a window appearing on the lock screen every single time you receive a message, presenting an quote and allowing you to share a quick reply to the message by swiping left. Despite the obvious convenience feature, it can cast a huge privacy risk.

If you decide or want to enable the feature, you simply need to turn off the Show Preview feature.

Disabling the Lock Screen Messages Notification

Disabling the message preview option is a great step to security, but you can protect the data privacy by disabling the message notification feature.

Hiding the Text Messages inside the Messaging Application

Signal provides a native facility of hiding the text messages inside the app. However, there is a condition that both the users should own the encrypted application Signal for keeping the communication secure and private that allows you to hide the conversation in the Messaging application with easy and simple steps.


Signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform for users and enterprises. It offers you the facility of encrypting all the messages securely, along with pictures and videos, or any file from your smart device, sending self-destructing texts, stores the minimum possible metadata from user’s content, to other Signal users, and enjoy chat groups for simple and highly secure communications.

Yes Signal offers different features to hide your private messages. If you want to hide the text messages within the texting application.


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