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What is Data Privacy and How Messenger Apps are Spoiling it?

November 30, 2018

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Cyber security has turned out to take another high rise this year, as hacking attacks and security breaches are rising at a gigantic rate. Facing such threats, people are becoming keener about seeking options for protecting their personal and work data communications more safely. To help you guide more about data privacy, this article will talk about how relevant it ti’s to fight against data braches, and how conventional messenger apps are spoiling it all.

From the time when Edward Snowden revealed about mass surveillance, the role of data privacy in message communications has grown with increasing awareness among digital users. Still with some gigantic data breaches, a lot of new, different, encrypted messengers have been developed for various OS. The digital generation where data privacy wasn’t considered a serious issue, as now taken an ugly turn of hampering out privacy and data communications. It is all due to the extensive use of messenger applications in personal and corporate environments the issue of data privacy has opened up.

Data attacks can result into some advanced insistent threats to our privacy. If we analyze about the most popular messenger applications with regards to data privacy, there have been some prominent evidences of how a user’s privacy is hampered over Internet, and why it has become necessary to take a strict action about it. Talking of which, it is not only about focusing on the transmission layer for pursuing support towards encrypted communication, but it also should safeguard from the data attacks that target our private communications. Honestly, it involves the detection of existing data communications users establish, to share messages securely. Also, mass surveillance is a major concern to talk about regarding user privacy and its protection. Thus, we also need to analyze, whether the messages stored on our devices are done secured or not. For applications itself, it becomes a prior responsibility to protect the communications made through it.

Talking of data threats, Encrypted messaging applications are becoming more popular choices that offer digital security to the users, along with the ability to protect personal information and passwords. When it comes to selecting an encrypted messaging application, an overwhelming options of applications are available offering layers of data privacy secure communications.

Hands down, without a doubt, Signal is the most private encrypted messaging application, providing a strong, always-on,end-to-end data encryption across different devices, be it Android, iPhone, or desktop. Nobody can have access to the messages shared over the application, not even Signal itself. Whether it is text, group, audio, video, file sharing or picture messages, everything is secure and private.

Encrypted messaging apps like signal only require your phone number, to register for the application after which you gets an access to communications that are encrypted from end-to-end and doesn’t requires any additional data outside it. The application adds another layer of data security to the application as the text messages disappears automatically after a certain period of time. It also offers encrypted audio/ video calls, along with the messages that are flashed on the app.


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