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The New Data Protection officer – Signal App Secure Your Data

May 15, 2019

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By the end of this article, you would feel foolish not to have downloaded Signal-the private messenger by now onto your mobile phone or computer. The most secure, free and encrypted messaging service has acquired the praise from various privacy advocates and security researchers, including Edward Snowden. All of them have accepted that Signal holds an upper hand among different chat tools when it comes to keeping the electronic communications private. And now, with data breaches being the biggest concern, we definitely need services like these. With privacy attacks on an upswing —activist group, WikiLeaks posting a bunch of emails from the Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and more, we are witnessing how the government surveillance is likely to grow under President, Donald Trump.

Signal is the most private and secure encrypted messaging application, where it stands out for the ease of use and its uncompromising security. This chat service do not retains any information of the users virtually, including the messages or address books, on the server. What’s more to it? Well, all the messages stay encrypted when getting transitioned through the Signal’s server, this means that even the application’s creators cannot read them. Joseph Bonneau, a researcher at the Applied Crypto Group at Stanford University said “The default recommendation you’ll get from most security researchers for a messaging app is Signal.” “It is the best in the field.”

Adding Signal as a top choice to the collection of your messaging apps is a must in this era where companies are always targeting on collecting more and more personal data and the ever expanding government surveillance.

According to the Open Whisper Systems, the developer of Signal, which is the nonprofit organization, witnessed a tremendous jump in the number of downloads after Trumps election.

Founder Moxie Marlinspike explains how this surge in the number of downloads reflects the anxiety among American citizens caring about their personal privacy.

Clearly the private messaging application-Signal stands out offering end-to-end encryption, meaning that the message gets scrambled in order to be indecipherable for anyone other than the intended recipient when it is share from the sender’s device, and it continues to stay encrypted even when passing through the application’s server till it reaches the recipient. When you share a message with someone using Signal, you and the intended recipient tends to exchange the so-called cryptographic keys. And, only the person receiving the message holds the authority to decrypt the message and access it. This means that if any government agency wants to wiretap the Signal messages, not even Open Whisper Systems holds any key to decipher the messages shared through the app. this technology of Signal have set the standard for various other messaging platforms, where its encryption protocol being open-source system, other companies are free to use the protocol as well.

The bottom line is that there is no wise logic behind not using Signal. The applications is absolutely free for both Android and iOS. Plus, it is very easy to install and 100% architecturally secure giving you the confidence to communicate easily without any fear of being attacked. Another big advantage is that the Open Whisper Systems is a nonprofit organization relying on grants and donations, and not any business that might have an incentive to share with any third party advertisers.
So if you care about data privacy, or rather your own personal information, it’s time to install Signal today, and enjoy its services.


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