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The Interconnected World-How to secure your privacy?

May 28, 2019

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You may think that your personal data is actually personal, but in reality you would be surprised to know the amount of data gets misused online. Here, in this article we will talk about some important points, by which you can solve the question of “How to secure your privacy?”

Whether worried about identity theft or don’t like this concept of you getting tracked everywhere there are always effective measures in this interconnected world that can keep your private data private.

Encryption-Protect everything.

Protection of personal information can help in reducing the risk of identity theft. There are a few four important ways to do it the right way:

Always know where your personal information is being shared; stored or disposed as it is very important that your personal information is transferred securely, especially your confidential data;

Make sure that the platform, you are using for communication, asks for a prior permission before deciding to send the personal information; while maintaining an appropriate security on the system.


No doubt, Social media feels like you are conversing with your close friends — in reality without any filters, it is the conversation the entire world can see. Posting ample of content on social media? Do you know that your information gets used for tracking your location, and the things that you are up to?

The first step is to safeguard your data to lock down the privacy of your social media account. Only Share the data with people whom you completely trust.

Don’t want to lock your social media account? Be very choosy about the things you share. Take extra care of the personal information to be used for identifying or tracking your location. Always keep in mind, to not fill any random form and enter your profile details so as to prevent your personal data from being easily identified or giving enough details to someone so that he can steal your identity.

Whether  installing a new software or updating an existing one, on your smart device, always make sure that you are getting a platform you can trust. Even some of the big tech stars like Facebook, WhatsApp have turned out to be more of a scam passing our private data to third-party advertisers, which collects mountain of information about the users. This is why, it is very important to make sure that anything you upload or access will stay protected comes at the trusted source.

If you are into a software, of which you have very little knowledge about it, don’t know where it data gets processed or stored, you really don’t know a thing — then it’s time to wake up and research more about the application, and if it’s not secure, time to switch to a new one! Try Signal

Signal isn’t some random messaging application. It is a platform that offers secure and private communications to its users online. A lot of businesses and individual users are eagerly getting attracted to this new concept of 100% end-to-end encryption.

That’s right: this secure messaging application of data communication is completely genuine, and secure, and do not pulls out your information online.


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