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Switch to Signal Private Messenger and Say Goodbye to Hackers & Spammers

March 14, 2020

When it comes to data security and privacy of users, the messaging apps like Telegram do not meet the essential criteria. Nile Kravetts, a specialist in computer security, has stated a few reasons for not using them, one of them being that these services can easily detect the IP address of the person who use apps like Telegram, problem of data leakage etc. Not only this, the feature like ‘Channels in Telegram’ seems like a golden ticket for spammers and hackers.

Spammers sneak into channels / groups to mine users’ private data like phone number that they further sell to potential clients or use for targeting ads. Let us know how channel feature and other features similar to ‘Channels in Telegram’ can be a nightmare for Telegram users.

‘Channels’ in Telegram can be either private or public. Public channels make it possible to send messages to a very large number of people at once, and they can have an unlimited number of subscribers. The worst part is, a subscriber in a ‘Channel / group’ can send a message to any other subscriber of that particular channel / group without knowing him / her. In this way, subscribers or group members can become bait for spammers and hackers.

Is there any safe alternative out there?

Signal Private Messenger is a safe alternative to vulnerable apps like Telegram. It uses end-to-end encryption for both calls and messages. Its protocol – Signal Protocol – has been checked and praised by many professional cryptographers, journalists and privacy advocates. Signal Private Messenger users can safely assume that their messages are private, unless their phones or computers have been compromised.

Unlike Telegram Messenger, Signal stick to private groups. The Signal service keeps no record of their users’ group memberships, group avatars, group titles, or group attributes. Also, Signal is working on new private group technology that will enable group administrators and access control, improve group scalability, and set the stage for a much richer group experience – all without compromising with Signal’s unique group security and privacy properties.

Unlike Telegram Messenger, users cannot send messages to anyone in a group unless they know who is in it. Moreover, group members also need to be able to retrieve the latest group state in order to render it: group image, group name, group membership, as well as any other optional elements (such as a pinned group welcome message).

Signal is building a system that stores group information privately, but canonicalized on a server. Clients in a group could share a symmetric key and use it to encrypt group information so that it can be stored on the service, but in a way that is completely opaque to the service.

Signal protocol offers authentication, integrity, confidentiality, participant consistency, destination validation, message / participation repudiation, forward / backward secrecy, message unlinkability, causality preservation, and asynchronicity. It does not provide anonymity preservation and needs servers for the relaying of messages and storing of public key material.

Other notable features

In Signal Private Messenger, notifications and screen can be locked with a passphrase. By enabling incognito keyboard option, users can request keyboard to disable personalized learning. There is also a message disappearing option to delete Signal messages automatically. Message disappearing duration can be modified by users.

Signal also let users to verify the identity of their contacts. Each Signal conversation comes with a unique safety number (fingerprint) which can be compared and verified with participant on the other end.


The Signal Private Messenger is highly recommended since it is absolutely free, works on every platform, and its developers are devoted to keeping the app simple, monetisation free and effective by not including any third-party ads, web-tracking and free from spreading of malware & viruses.

Get the Signal Private Messenger now & say NO to Hackers & Spammers!


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