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Signal – Phone Call + Texting on the App Store with Privacy

October 11, 2019

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Signal messenger is termed to be the most private and secure and an improved method to share messages with friends and family over a distance yet completely secure. The discovery is of the privacy legend Moxie Marlinspike, Signal is all set to replaces your default SMS messenger, making it simply an all-in-one solution to secure messaging. Here in this article, Let us have a discussion about the best, free messaging application- Signal which is vital for your smartphone.

First and foremost, Signal is a protected and open source messaging application that substitutes your iPhone or Android phone’s regular SMS application. Messages sent to and from different Signal users are shared over internet and secured by a very strong and protected end-to-end data encryption.

Applications like Signal are data-based and work finely across different platforms. Best thing about it is that Signal is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that the sent messages are jumbled on the sender’s end— and then unscrambled at receiver’s end on the recipient’s device. This technology makes it nearly-impossible for any intruder — even Signal itself — to have a chance of getting access to the communication.

The Encrypted messaging Application, Signal provides an easy way for users to keep their peer-to-peer and group conversations secure simply by offering end-to-end encryption to the users’ messages, keeping out private information safe from those prying eyes.

Also, one of the recent government demand for collecting user’s data showed that Signal has almost nothing to offer. Along with the messages being encrypted, each and every user in the conversation has the authority to set the messages to expire — this means even if the device gets compromised, your messages are already set to disappear.

The encrypted application is an independent end-to-end platform that transports user’s messages across its own infrastructure. It is free and is an Open Source application that allows any party to audit the app’s code.  Along with that, it also makes sure that the code doesn’t have any backdoor access to suspicious body, while ensuring its authenticity.

Some of the smartest data security experts and cryptography professionals like Edward Snowden use Signal itself and recommend it too, while trusting the security. The application uses registered phone number for all its communications —this mobile app is built in a way right from the ground one collecting as least metadata as possible.


Talking of the your online activities, it is high time to think about data privacy and the best app for secure phone calls and texting on your smartphone. Using Signal eliminates the opportunity for any hackers to monitor any personal data. The encrypted messaging application protects the personal conversations. There are several data security features being offered along with end-to-end encryption for all the communications made using Signal.

Use of Signal-the private application can be really effective offering the right amount of assurance for a secured content.

The best part it is that Signal keeps getting better and stronger. Recently, the secure application introduced a new feature which allows hiding the contact number of the message sender, making it even better for the sender anonymity. Also, you get the feature of adding a distinct lock screen on the application for an additional layer of security.

Messaging applications like Signal protect your personal conversations for getting it saved from the cyber attackers. Signal being end-to-end encrypted is used by millions of smartphone users all across the nation and don’t realize that the messages are being end-to-end encrypted.

Signal is good option for a majority of people looking forward to communicating or sharing messages with their family and friends without worrying about any third party user reading your messages.

A lot of applications, like Skype, Instagram, SnapChat and Slack do not offer any end-to-end encryption, whereas Signal does, giving just the right reason to download Signal now! With all said, Signal is undoubtedly the best choice.


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