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Signal is your Private Messenger, Why over WhatsApp ?

December 18, 2019

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Use Signal to communicate instantaneously without any SMS fee, create chat groups for communicating with all the friends at once in real time, or share media and other attachments—everything encrypted and secured with data privacy. With Signal, no server have the access to any of user’s communications and can never store any data. Yes! Signal is a private, ideal, secure replacement for applications that have been misusing our data for years.

Signal makes use of uses highly secured, end-to end data encryption protocol providing complete privacy for any communication, every time a message is shared. Also, there is no separate login, username, PIN’s or passwords, to lose.

Signal enables creating encrypted groups to have private communications with all the friends at once. Not only the Signal’s messages are encrypted, but its server also never allows the access to any group chat’s metadata, like the group title, membership list, group icon or more. And you know what! Making crystal-clear audio calls to people living across town, or an entirely different nation is all possible with no extra charges.

WhatsApp’s collaborating with Open Whisper Systems taking end-to-end encryption to their billion user’s communications. Also the developer of Signal- an open source mobile messaging platform, Open Whisper Systems When offered end –to-end encryption protocol to WhatsApp, a lot of people started using it without even knowing much about it.

No doubt, this collaboration is a great step toward protecting user’s privacy, but here in this article, we will talk about why we still recommend signal over WhatsApp even though they both use end-to-end encryption.

Encryption, along with being a critical aspect of security, as it depends a lot upon how the data encryption protocol is integrated. With an open source software, any code developer can review to verify its authenticity and ensure that the application do not have any malicious code. On the contrary, software that are closed source, needs a claim of trust from its developers.

Yes! Privacy is possible as Signal makes it all easy.

You can say anything as Signal makes use of a cutting-edge, end-to-end data encryption protocol for keeping your conversations private.

  • Open Source. Signal is absolutely free and Open Source that allows anyone to verify the application’s code. With being the only private, encrypted messenger using open source cryptographic protocols, Signal keeps the calls and messages secure.
  • Signal makes use of your existing phone number and contacts.
  • Group Chat. Signal offers you to make encrypted chat groups for having a private conversation a number of friends all at once.
  • Signal is designed to be a fast operating platform even in the most forced environment possible. With Signal, texts are delivered instantly to your friends.


Even though WhatsApp relies on Signal’s data encryption protocol that is open source, for encrypting user’s communications, the application itself is closed source. Undoubtedly, Open Whisper Systems properly integrates the protocol into WhatsApp, but its closed source environment of the application stops us from the identification of its other aspects, which could be a possible threat to our security.

On the other hand, Signal is open source, which means anyone can verify that the communications are end-to-end encrypted, along with the facility of reviewing the overall application’s security.

Signal protocol integrating into WhatsApp is merely a communications protocol, meaning that it can only encrypt the data in transit. WhatsApp, doesn’t offer data encryption to message history, stored on our mobile phones.

Signal renders this by offering its users, the option of encrypting messages that are stored on phones with a specific passphrase which protects messages from any third-party user gaining access to the user’s device. On the other hand, WhatsApp, do not allows any user to encrypt the messages pre-stored on his phone.


How to Use the app?

With installing the application, Signal with its exuberant features replaces the default SMS messaging service. It is set to default that all the old messages and history are automatically imported to Signal, where it uses the default dialer list.

Once you tsrat using Signal, it is just like the regular SMS messaging application when communicating with a non-Signal user, excluding the showing the invite option.

When you communicate with another Signal user, you get automatically alerted that all your communications are secure and encrypted. Also, signal allows you enjoy audio, video, or a group chat with another Signal user. All the conversations via Signal are transmitted over internet, that too absolutely free.

All thanks to the formidable reputation of signal for being secure and end-to-end encrypted. With its tremendous features, a number of other messaging applications have also incorporated the Signal Protocol, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype.

To be honest, Signal messaging application is considered to be a major victory for data privacy, bringing complete security and end-to-end encrypted messaging solution to billions of common users who never cared about data privacy issues.

But it is very important to be aware of the fact that, however, all these third-party applications use the security underlying Signal Protocol, these apps cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure and private when compared to the star app- Signal itself. The prime reason behind is that Signal has transformed the concept of data security and private communications by hosting a high-end secure, open source and end-to-end data encrypted service, making it easy and seamless to be used  by users for sharing regular SMS/text messages. The application of Signal makes use of real phone number for sharing a communication with other Signal users.

To put it out loud and simple, if you are looking forward to secure and private conversations, Signal is where you need to make your way to.

So what are you waiting for? Download Signal now!


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