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Signal is the best app for Data Privacy : Companies are switching to Signal

December 2, 2019

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Secure encrypted messaging applications have grown with an immense popularity as people have realized the importance of data privacy and how data companies are collecting information about us every single day. Unlike conventional phone calls, it become quite easy for a  corporate giant or government officials to gain access to your chat transcripts to be used for nefarious means. While different messaging applications are out there, some take the lead in both features, platform availability, and popularity. Apart from text messaging, the best encrypted applications also include audio and video calling. Let’s have a look at some of the encrypted messaging apps available.

Digital communications are important for everyday business maneuvers, but unfortunately, the conventional means of digital communications –SMS text and email – are scandalously insecure. Apparently, every day we read news about how the conventional digital methods are conceded by third-party users, hackers, nation-officials.

These data risks have urged many companies and businesses to switch to more secure communication platforms like Signal. Also, workers at different companies who have not dispensed any such directives have now been given instances about it to download and start using it in order to share a secured and protected communication. We may not be able to realize it, but — with more than billions users, Signal is becoming the number one choice of companies, users for sharing communications every day.

WhatsApp: though WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users-obviously a crazy number, what’s more cray is that the platform partnered with Signal, for integrating their end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol. Not like Signal, which is considered more of a security app, WhatsApp first calls itself a messaging application, meaning that it will endorse all sorts of puerile stuff like GIFs and stickers. While the Signal is open-source, WhatsApp isn’t, so we basically don’t know about anything happening behind the scenes.

Telegram: Telegram is hyped to be a safe application, but in reality things are quite different. The platform only offers encryption when user switches on the “Secret” mode, meaning all the messages on Telegram are shared over unencrypted servers by default. Yes, there are different features like disappearing messages, letting you put a timer on your messages. Once the timer expires, the message gets destructed automatically. Also, Telegram holds a clean user interface, but all these features can’t make us oversee the data privacy issue.

The Signal Protocol is itself used by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Signal’s own encrypted messaging app.

Signal: While messaging apps like WhatsApp has been a popular choice, you must have heard   about Signal-often in news when we talk of data encryption. Be it any article about data security, right from Snowden to Russia, it will have a mention about Signal. That’s because Signal supports end-to-end encryption, meaning if any third-party intercepts your messages, they would see a jumbled and gibberish message, and not the actual conversation. Also, Signal is peer-reviewed, open-source, and routinely audited, that means it is always up to date considering the security point of view.

With End-to-end encryption, Signal ensures that the message is automatically turned into a coded message sent by its sender, and then can only be decoded by its intended recipient.

But what is the Signal Protocol all about? On data privacy front, provided that both sender and recipient are connecting through the application, all the messages will be encrypted from end-to-end so that every message remains private and protected from ant third-party to be viewed. Even the audio Calls made through the application are encrypted, restricting anybody else to listen in.

Signal offers the feature to lock the application with a passphrase restricting anyone else to use your phone, who can snoop on your private conversations. Signal enables one to protect preventing screenshots taken within the application. Though there is nothing that can prevent the use of another smartphone clicking a picture, this Signal’s feature makes it hard for those prying eyes to capture the private conversations.

Concluding this, Signal is one of the most secured, private application, standing out among other options available. The platform ensures secured encryption and better privacy as it comes from a non-commercial background. Telegram disappoints us with the non-default encrypting policy.

So what are you waiting for?Download Signal now!


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