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Signal App: Signal will be rolling out a number of new features

January 29, 2021

Signal has started developing a wide range of new features that were available on WhatsApp. The new changes have come into notice just days after the instant messaging app welcomed a rush of new users. Signal’s rise in popularity has come in the wake of a privacy policy update announcement by WhatsApp and series of other events that has spiralled into a public outrage. In the latest update made by messaging application Signal, chat wallpapers, animated stickers and settings to use less data for calls for Indian users has been introduced. 

The updated features will allow users to add custom wallpapers for chats and choose between existing ‘solid colour’ wallpaper options as well. Signal users can also write additional details in the ‘About’ section in their profile, just like in WhatsApp

The California-based app also introduced ‘low data mode’ in its app, which allows lower data usage during calls. Group calls can now support up to 8 participants. Just like in WhatsApp, group invite links can be shared for users to join a group.

Other cool features include animated stickers and media auto-download settings.

In Signal 5.3.1 beta for Android carries the new chat wallpaper feature. It can be accessed by going to Settings > Appearance > Chat wallpaper. There are 21 pre-set wallpapers to choose from, though users can also add their own images as chat wallpapers on the app. An option to set a dark theme to dim the chat wallpaper is also available.

WhatsApp has had chat wallpapers for quite some time now. It also added custom wallpapers for chats in December.

The latest Signal beta also carries the custom ‘About’ option, which allows users to tell their contacts about their status. It is available in the Profile option in the settings menu on the Signal app. WhatsApp has a similar ‘About’ option.

Signal has also added support for animated stickers in the latest update, with a “Day by Day” as the first official animated sticker pack. The Signal desktop app also allows users to create new animated stickers and share them directly with their friends.

Signal is also bringing a low-data mode for calls, which is already available on WhatsApp. The app is could also let users look at their chats on the iOS share sheet — something that WhatsApp brought last year for iPhone users.

Earlier this week, Signal brought the ability to let users choose when their media files should be automatically downloaded. The app also recently changed the limit on group calls from five participants to eight.

Signal is also said to have implemented the option to let users create a shareable group invite link. This also works similar to how you can invite people to your groups on WhatsApp.

Apart from this, Signal also shared some information describing the new data management options that the company has added to the app. Unlike WhatsApp, messaging app Signal does not share the data of its users. The latest iOS 14 privacy feature has made it easy for users to know about how the apps share their data.

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