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Signal App- The only Messenger with real end to end encryption And Data security

May 9, 2019

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If you don’t want hackers, your Internet service provider or the government, to potentially intercept and read your private conversations, you need to make sure you are using the most secure messaging application. Specifically, one offering end-to-end encryption.

One of the biggest factor, to keep in mind, while selecting the best and secured messaging application is that if offers end-to-end encryption. This means that all your private messages are jumbled, and are accessible only to the sender and intended receiver, having the keys to decrypt and access the messages to read them. This methodology ensures that nobody else other than the intended sender and recipient can decrypt the messages shared.

Initially acknowledged as TextSecure Private Messenger, Signal is now set as the gold standard of data security by the well-known whistle blower Edward Snowden. Even after being a free messaging application for both iPhone and Android, Signal is deliberated to be the best messaging platform offering the facility to share messages across its own individual data infrastructure.

What are Signal’s security features?

  • Offers End-to-end encryption: do you know that WhatsApp end-end encryption is taken from Signal’s data security protocol. Messages shared via Signal application is only accessible to the sender and receiver; and not even Signal- Open Whisper Systems itself can view the message content, Along with sharing secure instant messages, Signal user can also enjoy encrypted voice calls, video calls and encrypted group messages.
  • Open source: Signal is open source, meaning that its code can be easily viewed by everyone. Such kind of data transparency enables any tech developer to audit the code while ensuring the application’s security to remain up to date.
  • Disappearing or Self-destructing messages: For adding an extra layer of security, Signal offers the feature to both sent and received messages to get self-destructed after a specific set period of time.
  • Data storage: Unlike other messaging applications, Signal do not stores any user’s data other than the limited metadata needed for the application to work fine, like the user’s phone number, profile information and random keys.
  • Password security: The application allows the user to set a special password for locking the application. So that even if the phone gets into wrong hands, the messages will still remain protected.

Signal security risks

Yes! The best part about Signal- no security risks virtually. Provided that the application developers remain to stay meticulous about fixing various vulnerabilities, Signal continues to be the most private and secure messaging application of all times.

Every single one of us holds all the rights to online data privacy, but it sometimes takes a world-class encrypted messaging application like Signal to protect user’s private data from those who would want an unrestrained access to it. Talking of an ideal world, everyone should use the best secure messaging app like Signal to communicate. But then why are we still using the popular or less-private apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp?


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