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Secure Messaging: things you should know?

November 4, 2019

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Around the globe, there are billions of smartphone users, every single month. This massive figure also opens the gateways for hackers to intrude our private data, breaching our personal information. Every now and then, we hear of various data attacks, leading to the misuse of our private data.

Secure messaging is one of the most talked about topic in the US digital at this moment, but ever wondered why and what exactly it is? Keeping it simple, secure messaging enables us to share messages, documents and other communications between the sender and the intended recipient. The feature of secure messaging has replaced all the existing forms of messaging sharing and conventional SMS. Here, we will talk about the concept of secure messaging, and how it is becoming an important feature of data privacy.

Messages shared through secured messaging applications are inaccessible with other any third-party user. This means, a message shared by the sender, will only be read by the intended recipient. The prime reason for this is end-to-end encryption messaging. There has been an enormous support by technology for witnessing secure messaging and data privacy.

The unique features of secure messaging are the produce of end-to-end encryption technology, which jumbles the message content, making it accessible only to the intended recipient can see them. In the case of Signal, owned by Open Whisper Systems, even the company itself can’t view the message content.

Meanwhile, the popularity of secure messaging contributes to grow, the most private messaging app, Signal is the new, super-secure encrypted messaging application that has jumped in to make it impossible for police, hackers, or any third party to see the contents of the message. The end-to-end encrypted application has completely taken off in acceptance and popularity in these recent months—another reason is the growing fear of government performing mass surveillance.

So how to use secure messaging? Well, the good news is that it is really easy to incorporate secure messaging in your personal and work routine. All you need is to download the application and start using the encrypted messaging service. As for Signal, used by hundreds of people across the nation, it offers end-to-end encrypted secure messaging along with encrypted audio/video calls.

As for the super-secure ones like Signal, you simply need to download the application and register using your phone number. The application will encrypt all the communications automatically that are shared through Signal.

Signal offers encryption while supporting all the messages, calls and video communications with other users of Signal. Some of the smartest data security experts and cryptography professionals have had a look and verified the code, while trusting the security. The application uses registered phone number for all its communications —this mobile app is built in a way right from the ground one collecting as least metadata as possible.

Signal is also termed to be the best option for those with high-risk jobs — like activism, journalism, and government jobs. Many find that Signal is good option for a vast majority of people wanting to communicate with their family and friends without worrying about any third party user reading your messages.

Signal being end-to-end encrypted is used by millions of smartphone users all across the globe don’t realize that the messages are being encrypted. Even though there are plenty of options available when it comes to messaging applications.

A lot of popular applications, like Skype, Instagram, SnapChat and Slack do not offer any end-to-end encryption, whereas Signal does.

Signal is the most private, end-to-end encrypted platform, that offers complete security for all its communications, to all the Signal users. A strong service in the field of data security, especially in the management for mobile banking, and bank payments. Signal helps different organizations in navigating the security challenges of performing any mobile banking transactions.

To be honest, any type of data privacy and security issues and threats with mobile-banking services are pretty much serious and uniform all across the globe. The best solution is to switch to a technology which is quite secure and private. Yes! The best solution is to use a globally secure and private mobile banking system.


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