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Private messaging app for iPhone

October 21, 2019

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Private messaging apps are supposed to be private. However, recently, there have some constant news about private conversations on these popular messaging applications being shared with government agencies and advertisers. It is no wonder that, a lot of internet users are worried about their data privacy.

Data Security has become a necessity in today’s life. The stored data on systems is vulnerable to high potential risks. However, while there are steps being taken for security, it is not sufficient enough to fight against the cyber-attacks. Focus more on data encryption and security by switching to secure applications like Signal, rather than just defending the network, and better option is to starting using Signal, before your private data and these cyber-attacks transform into a big hazard.

Luckily, there are some secure options like Signal when it comes to the messaging applications and not retaining any user’s private data while safeguarding their communications securely. Where applications like Facebook Messenger are way too much popular because of the number of users it owns, encouraging the intrusion of your personal data shared with your friends and family, its high time to switch to apps that are much more secure and can be of great help by ensuring the data privacy of all the conversations. If you are still not sure about which one to pick or where to start, continue reading this article as here we will discuss about the best application for a secure and private messaging experience on Android and iPhone platforms.

Encrypted messaging applications like Signal is becoming more and more popular, offering its users the ability to secure their conversations and personal data. And the best part about it is that the vast choice of security features available, has made the user’s data more secure and attack-free, especially when it is about secure and private communication.

Signal has led to a changed future, keeping the private information off of our computers completely. The fact that these prying eyes can track your location, spy on you, control the finances, bank accounts, get into messaging applications to read the communications has convinced people to use apps like Signal that protects user security and illegal penetration into your network by encrypting the messages.

Signal is probably the first application crafted in the niche of secured, encrypted messaging that started the whole revolution in messaging applications sector. Though Encryption for Signal has been started recently, it effectively manages to prevent data hacks and breaching. It uses Open Whisper System protocol, which is considered to be the gold standard for end-to-end encryption. The encrypted messaging application is the most popular secured messaging platforms — eminent NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is one of the biggest advocates of Signal. Also, the app offers both secure calls and texts, and enables you to send self-destructing messages i.e. the ones that vanish after a specific amount of time. It is absolutely free for iOS and Android Operating Systems and all you will need to register is your contact number.

The application offers secure communication to every message shared using the app be it shared to an individual or a group chat. Talking of today’s scenario, internet and related communications are undergoing some serious security issues, as it cannot resist even the smallest cyber-attacks. These applications are not upgraded, and therefore stays vulnerable to the cyber breaches.


With Signal providing end-to-end encryption, you make sure that any hacker, government following mass surveillance, Tech Company doesn’t snoop on your personal communications. Only the sender and the proposed recipient receives the message. End-to-end encryption play a crucial role in the protection of data, and so is the ease of functionality.

Encrypted communications s are more powerful than conventional messaging platforms. Having options that can connect and transfer any type of information easily and securely without any hassle will be a very powerful tool and eliminate the problem of cyber breaches.


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