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Messengers are stealing your data: you should consider switching to secure messaging

December 6, 2019

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Do you know why messengers are stealing your data? Well, people spend around 15-20% of their total mobile time on messenger applications every month. So, not surprisingly, being an internet user, you need to worry about your private data, and find ways to rescue it.

Data breaches are now very common all over the world. Tech companies are spending billions of for getting better security measures. On the contrary, data hackers are improving day by day with their data attacking skills. The bigger they are, the greater is the risk with our private data.

We regularly share messages through messengers on our personal devices almost every day, but are these communications secure? Can other people intercept to read them?

The solution depends basically on the application you are using to share those communications. Issues over cyber security in these past few years has witnessed a big number of secure messaging applications rising, which means the messages which you will share will be secure and protected.

As per a recent survey, the number of data attacks was reported to be the highest, which happened never before. All the messenger’s popular data like, the user account login name, social security number, passwords are the chief hackers’ target. Even some of the world’s giant companies have been attacked. Billions of user accounts have already been targeted.

With the facility of monitoring your website traffic allows third parties to gain access to all the content you share, making your data available to hackers, internet service providers, governments, and others very easily.

The important feature of secure messaging application is end-to-end encryption. Application like Signal use end-to-end encryption for encoding all the communications you share, meaning that even if a third-party user intercepts a message, he won’t be able to read it.

The secure messaging application- Signal is open source, means that the software’s code is accessible to everybody and can be verified by professional developers and industry experts. The app only asks for your registered contact number, and no personal information accessible to any third party for getting started.

Honestly speaking, the open source app, Signal is the gold standard for data privacy. By default, it automatically encrypts all the messages shared through the app, along with encrypted audio and video calls with other users. A lot of security experts and cryptography professionals have reviewed Signal’s code, to be validated for sharing secure communications. Besides your registered contact number, no other data is collected, this means that even if those prying eyes gain access to Signal’s metadata, they won’t be able to hamper it.

In fact, the term “data encryption” has, turned into a big thing these days. Data security experts are always warning users to be cautious of the apps download on their devises. The bad news is Cyber attackers have now shifted their focus on messaging apps.

But the big question is how to rescue our private data from getting attacked? Where People are getting more addicted to mobile phones, especially using messengers, data security usage is critical for usage of messaging applications. The best solution is to use a messaging application that is encrypted and safe, not storing any Data on its Server.

Most of us are well-versed with traditional SMS and messaging. However, these conventional platforms of communication are not that secure. When discussing things like data privacy and integrity, which is of utmost importance, then it’s high time to seek assistance of an encrypted messaging app- offering secure messaging and maintains data privacy.

But why should we consider switching to Secure messaging in 2019? Well, most of the internet users would like to believe that encrypted secure messaging is only for terrorists, which is certainly not true.  Right from conversing over corporate secrets, to sending private messages to friends and family, encrypted secure messaging has taken a huge place for internet users. This means that no one – not even the application itself, not the internet service providers, neither the government officials– can see what messages are being exchanged as it is extremely private.  There are other advantages too associated with Secure messaging– as applications like Signal are compatible with various platforms, including android, iOS, Mac and more.

So what are you waiting for? Download Signal now!



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