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Keep Your Personal Data Private and Safe With Signal App

January 27, 2020

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These days, keeping data secure and private becomes a critical task for mobile users especially when it comes to instant messaging. In the past few months, many incidents of users’ data breach through the instant messaging apps have been reported leaving users’ to worry about their data privacy and security.

Users’ data breach incidents can happen only if there is any vulnerability in the messaging app. Even a subtle loophole in the app can lead to a big mess up same like what happened with Jeff Bezos when his iPhone X was hacked using an infiltrated video file sent to him on his personal WhatsApp’s account by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

In the wake of this incident of data breach through WhatsApp, a very important question arises that if World’s richest man’s WhatsApp account is not safe and secured then how a common man can expect his data privacy and security from WhatApp?

From past few incidents of data infiltration through WhatsApp, it is confirmed now that WhatsApp can be infiltrated / hacked easily. The WhatsApp is no more secure. It can easily be attacked by hackers and data thief. But the questions are, what’s an alternative to WhatsApp? If WhatsApp not then what? Which App is better than WhatsApp when it comes to secure messaging in year 2020? Is there any App which can replace WhatsApp? etc.

The answer to all the questions is Signal App. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Signal is the only instant messaging app which can provide secure digital communications in year 2020. Moreover, it is loaded with advance security features more than WhatsApp.

How Signal is the best option to replace WhatsApp?

There are many reasons due to which we can say Signal App can easily replace WhatsApp, few of them are given below

  • Signal App is free to use now and for always because it is a product of non-profit organization (Signal Foundation) runs on grants and donations only and not by selling users’ data like what Facebook do (pun intended). Neither Signal App sells ads nor do deals with affiliate marketers; app will run like this forever. On the other hand, WhatsApp will be chargeable in coming future. WhatsApp’s acquirer, Facebook will sell ads on WhatsApp status feature in near future. This is the reason due to which WhatsApp’s founders have left Facebook in protest.
  • Signal messages and calls are secured and encrypted. No one can read Signal messages because app works on best end to end encryption protocol made ever. Signal messages are so secured that even app developers cannot intercept and read them. Messages sent over Signal App includes message-decoding keys which does not stay in app’s servers while transmission. Keys work only when they reach to recipient’s device along with messages. Even Government agencies, private secretive agencies, third party companies etc. cannot read and decrypt Signal messages and calls.
  • Signal app offers complete control over messages. With message auto disappear option in the App, users can feel safe even if they had sensitive conversation with anyone and forget to delete messages because app automatically deletes all the chat (only if message auto delete option is enabled). Users can also set time as per their choice for message disappearing. Once set time is over, messages will be deleted / disappeared automatically. But in WhatsApp, this feature is not available and users themselves have to delete messages if they do not want that their messages keep remain forever in recipient’s device.
  • Signal App comes with multi-security features like app lock, incognito mode etc. By enabling all the features in the App, users’ data privacy and security will be improved. Most importantly, user can change App’s security settings whenever s / he want.

In the end, if you don’t want to compromise with your data privacy and security then ditch WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app you are using and try Signal App. It is fast, secure, easy to use and free.

Don’t wait anymore and download Signal App now!


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