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Is your data safe with the apps on your phone? Study Shows 94% of apps have critical mobile security risks

August 5, 2019

Various mobile applications, nowadays have different vulnerabilities involving insecure storage of data, leaving both the platforms Android and iOS open to security attacks allowing hackers to steal the sensitive information. Consumers using these applications are still unaware of how unsafe these platforms are.

Insecure storage of data is one of the vulnerabilities that any security researcher of a company finds out after conducting the security assessment of different mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

In this era of technology, we have an app for almost everything and sad but truth is that security has taken a backseat while making everything about the convenience of users.

Despite the terrible necessity for mobile data security, a recent studies show that fifty % of the total companies don’t have any budget for application security. More than millions of mobile devices are infected maliciously at any time.

Data security is one of the most common vulnerability found in mobile applications, with most of the applications found to be demonstrated as having a security risk that could potentially put the security and privacy of users at high risk.

Only few options like Signal are considered secure for communication, as a couple of mobile applications are known to have vulnerabilities related to the transmission of sensitive user’s data through an insecure medium.

Another vulnerability found most common in different mobile applications is that a lot of mobile apps store the data being in its application source code and lack of proper protection against different cyberattacks make it an opportunity for cyber attackers to get access of it.

Also, the study shows that on an average, the data breach can lead to a big a big loss for a company. So beware, all the companies, with simply no budget for application security, might need it now.

The platform of mobile applications in a big target in cybercrimes are it is predicted to incline further over the upcoming few years. Even Though different applications are highly convenient, it is simply a hub for cyberattacks, leading to loss of data privacy. We need solutions that are completely secure, and end-to end encrypted. Wondering what that could be? Try Signal

Have a well thought and strong mobile application security is very crucial for a company, especially the one in the niche of finance services. Businesses should be fully aware of all the possible loopholes, faults, flaws, and the vulnerabilities of the applications. Any app managing sensitive data, especially the financial data of its consumers, need to use a top-notch security platform put well in place for that ultimate level of data security. This will lead to garnering the trust of users while avoid any security breaches.

The battle against any cyberattack is everlasting as the hackers constantly look for new ways to break through even if there are some of the toughest security procedures being used. The best solution is to stay ahead of these hackers in this game by proactively using options are strongly secure and powerful. Options like Signal makes sure that it eliminates all the gateways from where a hacker can get access to the system and intrude user’s data privacy.


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