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How Signal Beats WhatsApp

February 11, 2020

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In the wake of recent events, it is confirmed now that WhatsApp is no privacy panacea. If the world’s richest person Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X can be hacked through spyware sent over WhatsApp showing so many vulnerabilities in WhatsApp. Needless to say anything more, it is clear that now WhatsApp is not capable of keeping users’ data private and not even the device safe.

So the main questions, what’s an alternative to WhatsApp? Which app can offer more secure encrypted messaging than WhatsApp? Which encrypted messenger cannot be infiltrated at any cost? Which app comes with in-built advanced security features to protect data & device at the same time? Answer to all the above questions is Signal Private Messenger. Yes, Signal is capable of keeping users’ data private and safe anytime. Yes it’s possible with Signal Private Messenger. Signal Private Messenger ensures that their users’ data remains safe and private. Signal makes privacy easy!

What is Signal Private Messenger?

Signal is an open source encrypted messaging application available for Android, iPhone and desktop users. It uses mobile internet or Wi-Fi to send one-to-one and one-to-many messages. Over Signal app, text, video, audio, GIFs and images can be sent freely to anyone across the globe. With Signal app, users can also make audio as well as video calls.

The Signal App is developed by the Signal Messenger LLC and Signal Foundation. It is a non-profit project which is developed to offer pure encrypted messaging & calling experience to the users all over the globe.

How Signal Private Messenger works?

Signal is an encrypted messaging app which runs on the world’s most advanced encryption protocol, Signal protocol (previously known as the TextSecure Protocol). It supports end-to-end encryption for both one-to-one and group chats. Signal Encryption is considered to be so strong that even the signal app developers or Government agencies cannot decrypt or read Signal messages or intercept Signal calls.

With Signal, privacy becomes simple. Signal is designed in such a way that users’ data will stay in their hands rather than company’s. App is powered by Signal protocol to secure users’ messages so that they remain invisible to everyone other than the intended recipients. Technological features such as private groups, private contact discovery, and sealed sender mean that App does not have a plaintext record of users’ contacts, location, profile name, social graph, group attributes / avatars / titles / memberships, or who is messaging whom.

Signal messages remain encrypted during transmission and decode only when they reached to the intended receiver / user. Moreover, Signal protocol does not allow servers to save cryptographic keys, in this way if servers are hacked, messages still remain encrypted.

Signal is an open source project due to which its core codes are available for everyone. Data scientists and researchers have audited app codes to find security issues but nothing was found. Whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden said ‘Use anything by Open Whisper Systems.’ while Matt Green, Cryptographer, Johns Hopkins University said ‘After reading the code, I literally discovered a line of drool running down my face. It’s really nice.’

Few notable features?

Signal app comes with a ton of privacy features. Its most reliable feature is end-to-end encryption for both messages and calls. Along with this, there is also disappearing messages feature. Users can set a time to delete Signal messages automatically from their device and device of their contact. It is a great feature and welcomed by worldwide users (Signal Private messenger has more than 10 million active users worldwide).

The Signal Application can also be locked with the phone’s passphrase, pin or biometric authentication. Even users can define a ‘screen lock timeout’. The app also supports ‘disable read receipts’ and ‘disable typing indicators’ options.

Within Signal App, there is an option to enable incognito mode for keyboard. By enabling this, keyboard self-learning mode will be disabled. Apart from these features, Signal App has many other privacy enhancing features so Signal users can have ultimate encrypted messaging & calling experience with guaranteed privacy & data protection.

It is very clear, Signal private messenger is the new alternative to WhatsApp, the way it is capable of keeping their users data private and safe. Signal is fast, Simple and secure.

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