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How messenger apps are selling your private Data – It’s time to Change to Signal private messenger

May 13, 2019

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Keeping our data private, is important. Yet, a lot of popular messaging applications still accept to trade user’s privacy for different services, the tech companies provide.

Earlier we didn’t have a choice, but to use these platforms.  But now It’s time to Change to Signal private messenger, as their services are completely secure and end-to-end encrypted.

The features and user experiences have nothing but to safeguard user’s privacy.

Data Privacy is the sphere where ideas, behaviors, and movements which are not yet usually accepted, either by the individual himself or the society, are experimented before getting discarded, or before getting exposed in the open as they are considered to be of enough importance to get broadcasted widely. Privacy is something that precedes creativity, innovation, and civil rights.

The lack of data privacy, combined with indefinite storage of data by an external entity we can’t control, forbids us from the fact to safeguard and protect it every little time the data gets accessed.

The personal conversations are one of the biggest sources of fetching private information about users. Signal is a best replacement of Messenger apps that are selling your private data everywhere. This article talks about why privacy matters, detailing with the features that contribute to making a messaging app secure. And, how the messenger apps are selling your private Data.

If you are wondering- why switch to Signal, then keep reading.

What makes an application secure?

To be a secure messaging application, the platform needs to be a well-met collection of various security features. Missing out on any of those can undermine its security claims dramatically.

Why switching now?

In the era of scandals and controversies like the Cambridge Analytica files or regulatory changes concerning data protection like the largely publicized GDPR, the new EU data protection regulations, ever more people are becoming aware of the potential breaches a lack of genuine data privacy might lead to.

This is actually the perfect time to initiate a change, and the need to which we should make data privacy and personal data a must-secured thing in the technology. For using a secure platform, has become a necessity, while seeing the desperate need of options to safeguard true privacy.

Conclusion: which messaging app to use?

Messenger app like Facebook offers no end-to-end encryption, shares data with governments, third-party houses, giving a lot more reason to make this shift. Even WhatsApp is not 100% secure.

now, what about Signal? Signal offers complete end-to-end encryption for all its conversations, doesn’t store any communications, and keeps the minimum possible metadata about its users, only which is necessary to function.

Even though, Both Signal and WhatsApp use the technology offered by Open Whisper System, the developers of Signal. Signal is anytime better than WhatsApp.

On the other hand Facebook messages are not encrypted, by default. This means that anybody can access the servers to read the user’s messages.

Yes! Signal has been praised by some well-recognized names of cryptographic and privacy world like Edward Snowden, Matt Green and Laura Poitras. Honestly speaking, you should definitely give it a try, as it only takes few minutes to get the setup done. It works simply fine on both smartphone phone and desktop, and the messages can be shared easily, with complete end-to-end encryption.


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