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Here’s New Year Ring – 2020, Change Your Messaging App Now!

January 15, 2020

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Instant messaging will be the most discussed topic in the year 2020 because of several reasons; data privacy will be one of them. With each passing day, reports of data breach are increasing. These days, data breach becomes a child play for instant messaging companies. If you are concerned about your data then you must have to take a few steps now otherwise such day is not so far when companies will sell your private information for their own profit.

You must be using WhatsApp for instant messaging. Everyone does. But do you know that WhatsApp is no more secured? Days are gone when WhatsApp was known for secure messaging. Recently, several reports have been published having proof of data breach in WhatsApp using third party applications. Once and for all, WhatsApp, a Facebook owned company / application, has lost its credibility among users.

Now a few question comes, if WhatApp not then what? Which application we can use for instant messaging without compromising our data privacy? Which application provides end to end encryption, means real end to end encryption not fake one. Which application is more secured than WhatsApp?

The answer to all the questions is Signal app but credit goes to Data Privacy Coalition. Now again, a few question arise that how and why Signal app is different from WhatsApp? Is it secured? Is it free and easy to use? etc. The answers to all the questions can be obtained after going through this article.

Open Source platform

The first thing which is really interesting in Signal application is it’s an open source platform which means app’s entire codes are freely available for experts so that they can inspect and find bugs to improve app’s security. This thing lets Signal application to stand apart from crowd of instant messaging applications.

End to end encryption

Another thing why users prefer Signal app over WhatsApp is end to end encryption. All the messages sent or received in Signal app are end to end encrypted and have no decryption key. Even parent organization, Open Whisper Systems cannot decrypt the messages sent over the app. Encryption engine / technology used in Signal app sets a new data privacy standard for other instant messaging apps / companies.

Business Model

Signal app’s business model is another thing which makes it unique. Signal’s parent company entirely runs on donations and grants. Like Facebook and Google, company does not sell ad to make money. Due to which Signal app stores less user data other than WhatsApp.

No selling of Users data

At the time of backing up of mobile data to iCloud or Google account, Signal app excludes messages sent or received over the app. Messages do not stored in backup which is the most popular issue in WhatsApp. No backup of messages means no selling of user’s private messages to any 3rd party apps / companies.

Simple and easy to use interface

The best part is that app has the user-friendly interface. It comes with less or almost no fancy buttons which makes it more user friendly than WhatsApp. Not only this, there are no stickers and no animojis in Signal app due to which interface loads fast and messages transmit within microseconds.

Advanced security features

Along with end to end encryption, Signal app comes with many advanced security features under ‘Privacy’ option. Using privacy option, a user can boost up the security. Screen can be locked using lock code or face scanner or fingerprint. User can also adjust app lock time by using ‘Screen Lock Inactivity Timeout’ option available under ‘Privacy’ feature of the Signal app.

Signal app’s screen security feature can block and exclude it from recent app list whereas android version of app also comes with a feature of blocking taking screenshots. Android users can also use third party keyboards in incognito mode so that data privacy can be maintained.

Once and for all, Signal app is fast, free, easy to use and most importantly, secured. If you do not want anyone to sneak out your messages or play with your data privacy then download Signal app now.

So what are you waiting for? Download Signal now!


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