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Have Security and Privacy Issues? Try Signal App now.

January 17, 2020

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With the inception of internet, everything has changed completely. Those days are gone when we had to use traditional post to send messages to our loved ones because now we have instant messaging apps.

With the introduction of instant messaging apps now we can connect with anyone across the globe with just a click. Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Telegram etc. Many instant messaging applications are available on Google play and Apple’s app store. 

But every positive comes with a negative and in this case it is ‘Security and Privacy’. Yes, you have read absolutely right. Though many big names are providing instant messaging services but are all they safe? Are all trustworthy? Are all not involved in business of selling user’s data? Are apps made by them are secured and enabled with advanced security features? Like these, there are many questions which bother users these days. 

Along with privacy issues most of the instant messaging apps are lacking latest security features which result in data breach. Due to security and privacy issues, several incidents of data breach have been reported in the past few months. Be it WhatsApp or Twitter, every instant messaging platform has reported various incidents of data breach. 

What is the solution?

If you have also security and privacy concerns while using popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. then you must try Signal App. If you are not sure then don’t worry because below we have mentioned a few points that will clear all your doubts related to Signal App. 

End to end encryption 

Signal App works on end to end encryption technology developed by Open Whisper Systems. It means messages sent or received are highly encrypted on both sender as well as receiver ends and cannot be intercepted or read by anybody else including the developer of Signal App. 

Messages sent over Signal App remain encrypted even while passing through the app’s server and decrypt only when they reach to recipient. Only recipient is the one who has the right to decode and access message using the cryptographic keys shared between sender and recipient along with message. 

When it comes to security and privacy issues, Signal App has advantages over other instant messaging platforms because Signal messages cannot be encrypted even if any Government agency wants. 

Signal App’s end to end encryption protocol prevents messages from being stolen by hackers, third party applications and government agencies. 

Advanced Security features

Along with end to end encryption, Signal App also comes with several advanced security features so that users feel safe while using it. To access advanced security features in Signal App, an Android user will have to open ‘Settings’ option whereas iPhone User will have to open ‘Privacy’ option.  

Advanced security features include various options so that user’s data or app would not be compromised at any cost. First option is ‘Screen lock’ option in App. It requires user authentication so that Signal App can be locked / unlocked by using any of the phone’s locking / unlocking feature like lock code or fingerprint or face scanner.   

Using ‘Screen Lock Inactivity Timeout’ option, users can set a lock time so that App gets locked once lock time is over. App lock time can be adjusted by user while the minimum lock time for Android users are 60 seconds.  

Screen security option in Signal App is another feature to improve App’s security. This option lets user to prevent app from viewing in the list of recent app. 

There are many other advanced security features such as ‘Screenshot blocking’ option, ‘Messages Auto delete’, ‘Incognito mode for 3rd party keyboard applications’ etc. 

Finally, an advanced, fast, secured, easy to use, instant messaging application like Signal let users to enjoy a unique experience of instant messaging on their Smartphones. Not only users, leading enterprises and companies can also use this application to boost their businesses and to avoid mass surveillance. So for secured messaging, Download Signal App now.


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