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Best Private Messages Apps for Android & iOS

October 28, 2019

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No doubt slowly but definitely today’s generation is moving ahead from the SMS and MMS technology as their default method to communicate with people. It all started several years ago with instant messaging applications that very soon evolved into a plethora of other options that gained immense popularity as well. But unfortunately the most popular ones, have now come to invading user privacy.

But with several evolutions in the technology, there are more options that emerged out to be much more secure and encrypted, making you not worry about data privacy. So, you have basically have safer options than you will ever need. Do you know which messenger app is the best? In this article, we will talk about the qualities of the best messenger application for Android devices.

Before proceeding with the discussion, it is important to know the recent controversies about data privacy and encryption. Right from Cambridge Analytica, WikiLeaks revelation of CIA’s global hacking, to Government’s mass surveillance. Secure encrypted messaging applications have grown with an immense popularity as people have realized the importance of data privacy and how data companies are collecting information about us every single day. Findings state that encrypted messaging apps popular with the privacy features – including Signal– can easily encrypt our end-to-end conversations making it free from data breaches. As it turns out which app is better than the other in offering the most security as it is all about data privacy, after all.

Signal: While messaging apps like WhatsApp has been a popular choice, you must have heard   about Signal-often in news when we talk of data encryption. Be it any article about data security, right from Snowden to Russia, it will have a mention about Signal. That’s because Signal supports end-to-end encryption, meaning if any third-party intercepts your messages, they would see a jumbled and gibberish message, and not the actual conversation. Also, Signal is peer-reviewed, open-source, and routinely audited, that means it is always up to date considering the security point of view.

Telegram: Telegram is hyped to be a safe application, but in reality things are quite different. The platform only offers encryption when user switches on the “Secret” mode, meaning all the messages on Telegram are shared over unencrypted servers by default. Yes, there are different features like disappearing messages, letting you put a timer on your messages. Once the timer expires, the message gets destructed automatically. Also, Telegram holds a clean user interface, but all these features can’t make us oversee the data privacy issue.

WhatsApp: though WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users-obviously a crazy number, what’s more cray is that the platform partnered with Signal, for integrating their end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol. Not like Signal, which is considered more of a security app, WhatsApp first calls itself a messaging application, meaning that it will endorse all sorts of puerile stuff like GIFs and stickers. While the Signal is open-source, WhatsApp isn’t, so we basically don’t know about anything happening behind the scenes.

Ever downloaded an application just on the basis of the overall appeal of the application? But do you know that all these applications mean in reality? Yes, popular options like Facebook messenger invade your privacy, by sharing your private data to third party advertisers. So which one to pick for that ultimate security experience? Signal is the best option to go for. If you are worried about data privacy, then it’s high time to use the best encrypted messaging application for our security purpose. It is good that in these recent days, where technology is a part of everything, people are becoming more aware about end-to-end encryption, and the applications providing data security services.

To be honest Signal is probably the best instant messaging app for businesses, as used by a good number of reputable companies based on its service offers and the positive reviews it has got, when it comes to data security.


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