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Are we fooling ourselves, that Our Private Data is Safe?

January 13, 2020

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The U.S, government have played a bashful with an attempted to talk down the efforts of mass surveillance, particularly data breaches, by tracking down the actual content of the communication collected—with the metadata being easily collected.

In the myth of government protecting user’s data, have the solution which is secure and protected in different cases.

And that’s precisely why governments collect this kind of information: it is powerful fodder in a legal setting.

In an example most of us are probably familiar with.

So what to do?

Not to fool ourselves and protect the private data from hackers and the government officials by adopting a method which is secure and 100% encrypted.

Don’t be a victim! Stay safe and protected from cyber attacks by switching to secured options like Signal offering end-to-end encryption.

Yes! We encrypt our data.

Smart people have already understood the persisting nature of government laws, and have accordingly switched to safer options like Signal, precisely for the same reason.

As today, people who are smart enough to understand the scenario, are advocating endlessly for the data encryption in the form of self-protection. With the anti-privacy legislation being in action today with full swing, it is more important than ever to be aware that even the metadata collection by applications can be used against digital users. And, even in the court of law, even if having nothing to hide, or, you will still be advised or required to appoint a lawyer before the rectification.

Legal matters are something you don’t want to stress about.

So whenever you hear that the “metadata” is being collected, do not be a fool: as metadata is a real deal.

This doesn’t mean that you should not use applications recording your metadata. It simply men switch to an option storing the least amount of user’s metadata.

Metadata is something that allows some of your favorite applications to keep and organize your private data in sync.

It is instead to put it like that it is no comfort to be careless about metadata as it a well-known fact that the government rely on this metadata crutch to gain access to your private communications.

The Bill of the United States constitution claims about protection of personal data. But are we fooling ourselves? This being a fundamental part of the constitution is no coincidence.

In today’s world, we are the forefathers of a new constitution, a new amendment:

Though it can be a bit odd to switch to an all new communicating platform and ditch the previous one, but then it is all totally worth it in order to protect the messages from breaches.


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